While I've developed my own town/city style over the years that has been something of my mainstay (though always being refined), every so often I feel I need to break away and try something entirely different. I've always thought experimentation with totally different styles is important, even if the end result sucks.

I decided to experiment with a more illustrative style that will still function as a map of sorts. I think what I have works well for small towns and villages, but would probably be inappropriate for larger settlements (unless you were to separate them by district or something).

I made an isometric grid pattern in photoshop to use as a guideline before I began drawing the village in SAI. This ensures my angles are all (mostly) correct and reduces any perspective issues.

I've still got lots to do, lots of details to add. Then I have to colour the whole thing.

After this map is done (it is based upon another fictional world), I plan to use this style for a special map for a sandboxy village module I am writing from my own world.