A quick glance through the list of bug fixes since 3.0.0 is very positive!

Thanks waldonrate!

FT3 Update 3.0.9

Fixes since 3.0.0:

3.0.1 Tool Incise_flow script command fixed.
3.0.1 Registration writes serial key to correct place.
3.0.2 Save command allows saving of unmodified command (later removed again)
3.0.2 Fixed export of Cosmographer 3 template.
3.0.2 Cosmographer 3 export saves image as PNG file.
3.0.3 Save As command not working fixed.
3.0.3 Climate selector toolbar not working fixed
3.0.4 Fixed hang when loading brush presets.
3.0.4 Should have more reasonable defaults for painting tools.
3.0.4 Should fix gradient painting values (wasn't reading toolbar data).
3.0.5 Increased screen render resolution to 6000x6000 from 2048x2048.
3.0.6 Fixed color interpolation for altitude and other items when picking
highest or lowest values.

3.0.6 Fixed missing line segments where lines crossed viewport boundaries
(made it hard to assemble multiple files into a single large segment).

3.0.6 Modified renderer to reduce the amount of bad shading at the bottom
row and right column of images.

3.0.6 Sheets setup wasn't being read back from xpt files.
3.0.7 Climate selector toolbar items now correctly set image overlay color
(for simple create mode).
3.0.7 Climate selector toolbar items now correctly sync the climate paint
toolbar selection.
3.0.7 Fixed a crash bug on exit after painting image overlays.
3.0.8 Fixed color to altitude selection tool.
3.0.8 Fixed pick button on color to altitude conversion dialog.
3.0.8 Fixed problem with starting FT given a command-line ftw file name
that would cause a GPF.
3.0.8 Added Wilbur advanced paintbrush setup dialog. Activated via "C"
button on painting toolbars.
3.0.9 Added "exepath" registry entry on FT3 execution.
3.0.9 Updated help index to remove CC2 entries
3.0.9 Fixed broken image in Create Overlay help topic
I've bolded the fixes that will make the biggest difference to me....thank you for addressing them so promptly!