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    Wip First City Map (untitled)

    1. Planning

    I wanted to plan everything out before actually making the map to give me a better idea of how its going to look and where to place things.

    The city is a major religious center, which also makes it a major trade center. It also means a large portion of the city will be devoted to the temple district.

    There will be a gate close to the temple district. The merchant district would be right next to the temple so they would use the same gate. However due to the huge amount of traffic there are two ways to enter, one for merchants, one for everyone else. Merchant goods are taxed upon entering the city.

    There are two market areas. One immediately after the main gate, and one on the other side of town. The first holds more expensive, exotic, and interesting wares. The other carries more mundane things for everyday life that people need. It rests between the middle and lower class districts.

    The upper class district borders the upper market and temple districts.

    Outside the walls are mostly farms.

    Population: about 120,000


    Any ideas or suggestions are most welcome.

    And I'm probably putting to much detail into them all things considered...but its fun

    Click image for larger version. 

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