Hi! Im am new in this forum so I don't know where to post this. Hope im doing right now...
I want to make a town/village map for my fantasynovel. It's about a young girl from a small town that takes place during the medieval times. Like many other fantasynovels and films does.

1. What does the town need to survive? A mill, a bakery, a blacksmith, a market, a butcher but what else? What can be found in a medival town?

2. How do I put the buildings, in which order? I mean do I put the houses in the middle, or the market in the middle? Where do i put everything to make an effective town? How do I plan everything?

3. Where can I find more information aboute building medival towns? I've tryed to google but I don't know what to search for. I've tried "town map, town structure" and so on but I cant find anthing that helps me.

Thank you!