I noticed a while back on a different (and not nearly as well supported) board that the members there were trying to put together a fantasy world to support gamers and enthusiasts, mapping everything from world map to the cellar below the quick eel tavern. At the time I thought it was a brilliant idea, although hopelessly ambitious, with the member numbers and (to be honest) skill levels exhibited by members on that site.

I thought the Cartographer’s Guild would be the perfect group to attempt something like this. We have great mappers, good people and a committed group of community leaders. We could create a game world on various levels in maps. Starting at global/continental level, regional level, Local level (eg. Towns) and finally floorplan level. It could be a continuous project with a community leader in overall supervision and various community leaders each in charge of one of the levels of mapping to give guidelines at to what needs to be mapped and to make sure of continuity between maps.

Maybe there should even be an entrance requirement eg. 20 posts before you can be involved (just to ensure that the people mapping are generally ones who stay). The project could be under the auspices of Arcana, and he should, in my view, have the final say as to how it is used.

There are so many great maps on this site, I would love to see them coordinated into a single realised game world with its own back story, characteristics and cultural background.

I think it’s a great idea, but I would love to know what other members think.