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Thread: Three Maps for a Gothic-Themed Adventure

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    Help Three Maps for a Gothic-Themed Adventure

    Hello! I am just starting a gaming company that produces Pathfinder RPG adventures. I need three encounter maps for an upcoming project, and I’d like to tap the great talent in this community to get them!

    I’m happy to pay by PayPal: please send me an email at runamokgames [at sign] gmail [dot] com to discuss rates.

    • I’d like to get these two maps by November 30, 2011, but before the Thanksgiving weekend (Nov 23rd) would be ideal. I need time to lay this out for a big release event in the first week of December.

    • I’m looking for gridded combat maps (1 square = 5 feet) of the sort found in Paizo’s or WotC’s adventure products. I need the maps in color, but will also need an identical version of each in black and white as well.

    Description of Maps
    • The adventure is Gothic and gloomy in tone, so the maps should all reflect this.
    • Map 1 should depict an old stone bridge across a muddy ravine with a rushing river at the bottom. The environment is forested hills, and very rainy. The bridge allows a large road across, one often used by merchant caravans. The bridge should be 15 feet wide, and probably 40 feet long. A smashed carriage along one side of the bridge and a scattering of ten or so bodies of guardsmen all along the bridge would be ideal (a troll under the bridge got ‘em before the heroes arrive!).
    • Map 2 should depict a small, isolated tavern in a lightly wooded area. The building itself is only about 30 feet square, and the map should provide the grounds for 30 feet or so around the building (as combat is likely to occur outside, rather than inside, the tavern). Inside the tavern is typical, except that the tables are all overturned coffins (it is an undertaker’s establishment turned into a tavern after his death). Outside must include a broad porch along the front of the building, a single weed-choked road leading up to it, and hitching post (preferably with a donkey already hitched there!) and an outhouse in back.
    • Map 3 should depict a run-down, weed-choked graveyard about 50 feet by 80 feet. The graveyard is located in a heavy forest. The entire graveyard is ringed by a high, spiked, wrought-iron fence angled inward (as though to keep the dead in, not the living out!). There is only a single gate in the middle of the long side, with a small forest path leading up to it. However, an obelisk within the graveyard has been pushed over onto a fence partway down that same side, bending the iron and allowing egress from the graveyard by clambering over the fallen obelisk. The graveyard is mostly a scattering of gravestones and monuments, with several large mausoleums. All but one of these mausoleums should be “closed” in the top-down view; one is “open view” from the top with grid lines, etc. (a combat will occur in and around this particular mausoleum. The “visible” mausoleum should be 15 feet by 20 feet on the inside with a single sarcophagus (ajar) in the middle.
    • I can provide rough sketches of what I’m looking for, if necessary, if you email me: runamokgames [at sign] gmail [dot] com

    Quality & Size
    • Professional preferred, as this is for a print and .pdf product.
    • Maps should be sufficiently detailed at “real size”: that is, one inch on the map is one inch.

    • I have a standard agreement regarding rights. I will have the right to use the image for commercial purposes, the artist will have the right to exhibit the image as part of his portfolio but not to exploit it for commercial gain.

    Thanks so much!

    Ron Lundeen
    Run Amok Games

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    Forum Lords, please mark this as taken! Thanks!

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