Hi all!

I wanted to float this question by all you knowledgable folks.

I have a map I created in CC3. The map covers an area roughly the size of Europe; the continent is intended to extend well beyond the eastern and southern borders of the map. I'd like to export the map into FT3 and extend those parts of the map outwards, building the rest of the world there before re-exporting to CC3 for adding towns, natural features and so forth.

So here's my question--if I export my map to FT3 will it recognize those straight-line borders (caused by the edge of the map) for what they are and let me build thereafter, or will this create difficulties in FT3? Secondly, once exported into FT3 will I still be able to add continents and land, or will I be limited to what I originally laid out in CC3?

I'd just experiment to find out, but I'm travelling now and not close to my desktop.

Thanks in advance for any advice; finding this forum a godsend so far!