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    I am a GM under a play-by-post board here:
    and have finally come to realize that the little java maps I've been using are woefully inadequate...

    I write and play in fantasy realms and have always loved maps, although I admit I'm not skilled at making them. I love some of the maps you see that make you wish you could visit that city/place/world, and I hope someday to inspire the same longing in my own readers or players.

    At the moment I'm just a watchful outsider, though I'm thinking of dabbling... the closest I've come to my own mapmaking efforts (other than sketches in the back of a looseleaf binder when I should have been paying attention in class) have been dabbling with the NWN toolset... I had great fun with that, although it was years ago, and am curious if anyone else has ever adapted that toolset for mapmaking in non-NWN uses.

    Cheers and thank you all for being here! It's great to find you!

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    Great to have ya here, man.
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    Welcome to the Guild!
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    Welcome abroad and aboard

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    Welcome Aboard!
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