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Thread: My First Map...Please Critique

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    Map My First Map...Please Critique

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    So this is my very first map, made with help of one of Jeremy Elford's fine tutorials.

    Please keep in mind this was made in Photoshop 7, with absolutely zero photoshop experience beforehand. (This was my first time opening photoshop).

    Please critique as harshly as you deem fit

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    All I can say is: this looks 10 times better than all my first attempts

    I don't know if it's just a sensation of mine, but you should diversify the sea and the land. At first impact, I thought the sea was the mass land and viceversa.
    Also, try to put different symbols. However, well done.

    PS: Nice font.

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    It's rather dark. I'd lighten it up a little myself, but that's a matter of taste. It's a nice simple map in most respects, but it could really do with some clear distinction between land and water.

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    I agree, it's a bit too dark. I find it hard to read it. Otherwise it looks like a fine start.

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    Good work for a first map! It could use a map border (or alternatively, jagged edges) and the text could be made just a little bit darker. I also second the need for greater distinction between land and water.

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    I really like the worn parchment effect... almost looks like it could be deer skin or something like that. Definitely an interesting texture to the background.

    I agree that it's a bit dark atm and could use some lightening up, and that there could be some more separation between water and land. I was a bit confused as to which was which at first, until I looked at the labels. Looking closely, I can tell you're using different colors for different elements. I think maybe because it's so dark overall that the coloration is a bit lost.

    Great start so far though!

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    I would either lighten the land or the water to bring them out as separate details. Also, you might think of back-lighting the text or giving them a bold, black color rather than a muted tone so you can see them more clearly.

    I really like the overall concept and design and it looks a lot better than my first attempt at a map with gimp.

    Good luck.

    -Green Pilgrim.

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