Ok, so here is my first attempt at a map with GIMP. I traced the map from U2, and have begun adding to the basic wall outlines. Everything is going on a different layer (floor, walls, background, water, swamp, doors, set dressing, DM's view (for module printing), battle map grid, etc.) which has made life easier when working with a file of this size. I have a number of objects to add from across the web, though what is on this map currently is from the Dunjinni forums. not much on in the way of set dressing yet. (note I have posted without the grid)

Ok, so I know I have a few things to work on... like joining paths, is there an easy way to do this, I am a newbie with Gimp. Also, not sure what I want for the main flooring yet, any thoughts? Oddly this is one area the dungeon description didn't specify. Being a cavern on a sea coast, with swamp area, a plain clean stone is not what I want... though I don't want a complete messy wet floor either... Lizardmen aren't necessarily slobs

I am somewhat following the tutorial on NewbieDM, and I'm sure I'll regret some choices I have made, but what can you do... Once I get to entering my own maps, I'm sure I will be getting much more exacting. I haven't gotten to the shadows on the tutorial as yet, what about lighting? This dungeon is well lit by torches, though I would like to find a way to represent that on the map.

Anyhow, thoughts, constructive criticisms?

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