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Thread: March Entry: Multilevel Madness

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    Post March Entry: Multilevel Madness

    I'm diverting in two ways this month.

    First, I'm trying to do the entire dungeon using Dungeonforge, a nice, easy-to-use tile based mapper. No touch-up at all. Even the shadows are objects stamped down.

    Second, I'm attempting to "explain" the insane doors and hallways by making the rooms multi-level. I'm trying to visually cue the floors with different material to indicate the level. I've added stairs/ramps/ladders as necessary...

    I've more or less finished room 4 (an old cell/torture chamber having "pit cells") so you get the idea.

    -Rob A>

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    Post Well that's a different tact...

    Well that's a different way of going - I look forward to seeing you develope the multi-levels. I'm dying to see if you make the "u turn" corridor in room 3 make sense.

    Also the use of Dungeonforge - in this dysfunctional RGD, is an interesting way to go.

    I guess RobA didn't want to be the only non-participant: #15...
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    Nice way to Go RobA,

    For one, I din't even get the idea of multi-level. A realy cool Idea that could make some sens of this dungeon.

    Maybe the U corridor of room 3 could become a bridge (in room 3) that link the spider corridor with the south section of the U ...

    Anyway, I'm always proud of ur unortodoxe Ideas.

    Continue the great work,
    Let my fangs find your neck, during the night, so that I can drink your knowledge ...

    So it could be use here :

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    I'll be doing somewhat the same thing. Those switch-back corridors might actually make sense if Room 2 is much deeper than the rest of the dungeon.
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    Post Idea popped in my head...

    That "U" shaped hallway at the top right of the map in room 3 where one the top doorway leads back in the same room...

    What if the corridor is a stairway up. The second door just below the first door, might be located 20 feet higher than the first door. You could have a gallery - like my October Challenge temple design, or as Midgardsormr suggests a bridge that crosses this room leading to a hallway towards room 4 and the spider jail room...

    My design is set as a single floor dungeon - but yours has lots of room to move.

    Good thinking, Rob!
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    What about something like the Winchester Mystery House:

    For those who don't know, Sarah Winchester, Widow of the inventor of the Winchester Rifle, never stopped building on her Mansion in 38 years until her death. The house is full of doors that open to nothing, Rooms with no floor, Widows that look onto nothing but an empty 5x5 courtyard, stairs to nowhere, stairs that rise and fall to only take one up a small landing, etc, etc, etc.

    Maybe this place was built by someone under the same madness, building for the sheer sake of building.
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