Hello all,
Recently I have been thinking about purchasing Fractal Terrains Pro as it seems very good from what I can see, however I have a few specific questions as I have a certain type of map in mind.

Basically, a random world is fine (such as FT generates), but I would like to be able to produce something that looks like this which looks quite neat and realistic and has contour lines without too much colour - most of the FT maps I saw were in full colour:

Also, is it possible to make maps with limited colours (such as black and white and perhaps grey or brown for mountains) or maps only showing the coastline? I ask this because my main interest is to plot languages and dialect groups via the use of shading etc. So I will also want to make things similar to this:

I realise the shading and such will probably have to be done in GIMP, but does FTpro seem suitable for what I'm aiming at?

Many thanks!