Hello all, so I went ahead and bought Fractal Terrains and I'm loving it so far. Basically, I was wondering how exactly I would go out about putting in ice caps - I realise this may require me to edit using some other program.

For example I create a world and I am happy with it - what format do I export it on to edit in GIMP? Are there any tutorials on how to draw ice caps in GIMP? (Or the terraformer - I'm not quite sure how this works as I'm totally new to everything).

Also, how would I export say - just the coast lines in order for me to edit it to make a political style map?

Finally, is there any way I can create a contour style map from a fractal terrains world map (is this possible on GIMP, or CC3 or something else?)

Sorry if the questions seem a bit basic, but I keep getting lost and any pointers would be much appreciated.

Many thanks!