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    Project Scope:
    Small press roleplaying game to be distributed in print and digital format. Setting is using a variant of d20 Modern rules. Project is currrently preparing to enter playtesting. Anyone interested in reading some of the background info on the setting can visit our page at Obsidian Portal. I do have mapping software (Campaign Cartographer) that I have used in the past for smaller projects, but frankly I suck at map making and would much rather leave it to those who have the talent.

    New Orleans 50 years after a nuclear war.

    Design Concept:
    Standard street maps of the city, but after the destruction of a nuclear war. While the city did not take a direct hit, looting, rioting, and natural disasters have taken their toll. Much of the city is underwater. Maps should reflect the real world city, though obviously some creative licensing is being taken with the project (adding some sinkholes, collapsed sections of the city, etc). To get an idea of the general detail level we’re looking for, you can reference Note, this is for reference only to give an idea of detail depth. I’m not looking for duplication. Maps are more for frame of reference that detailed location of every single building of note in the city.

    Number of maps:
    One regional overland map showing points of interest in the area.
    One overview city map (two thirds of the city is underwater or rubble)
    One more detailed map showing the Algiers/French Quarter/Bywater area

    300 dpi minimum. Jpg, tiff, or png files
    Full color

    Remains with cartographer.
    Publisher retains right to reproduce the maps in the setting sourcebook and for promotional materials.

    Flexible. Book is currently in playtesting status now. Final editing probably won’t start until March.

    $100, payable via Paypal upon delivery of the final files.
    10% commission on net profits for the first six months the product is live
    Two print copies of the finished book upon publication

    Julie Ann Dawson
    Please use subject line New Orleans Maps
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