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    Map My first posting to the guild

    So I'll use this forum instead of the Introductions since I have a finished map to share straight away. Background is simple: been a D&D nerd since around '82 and recently made the jump to using MapTool in anticipation of moving away from my gaming group of the last ... ye gods, nearly fifteen years now.

    At any rate, this led to me starting to churn out battlemaps at a frightful rate. Most were crude, but mainly because of the learning curve on Campaign Cartographer. Since switching back to a more familiar product (Gimp), I've felt much more productive. No offense meant to the ProFantasy guys. Seriously, the product's fantastic, but I've got years of experience with raster design and the jump to vector and CAD "junior" was troublesome. And I have certainly cannibalized the symbol sets for use in my gimp maps (I assume that's allowed...).

    Anyway, we recently launched an Eberron campaign and I joined the various online forums and guilds to get ideas and pre-made maps. Figured I'd give back to the community. Here's a two-mast ship plan based on a grid outline I found here:

    The ship name is The Wizened Carrot (I felt whimsical. Sue me.) It's all handled in a single xcf file (available if anyone wants it). The layout in MapTool was to incorporate the transparent background file into the shoreline battlemap and keep the three others separate (thus their own water backdrops).

    Hope someone else gets some use out of these. And thanks for all the information and help I lurked off these boards.

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