This map is a very basic depiction of the physical features of Etarek. It's roughly an equirectangular projection, which I realise isn't ideal. But the purpose is really so I could name all of my continents, seas and physical regions. I'm happy enough with it to move on now.

Etarek is a world that I'm slowly building in my free time. It's an Earth-like world that had recently had a raise in sea levels, hence the strange-looking estuaries. When a supernova destroyed all the inhabited planets of an interstellar civilisation, only a tiny portion of the federation's population escaped and only 16 ships from 12 worlds landed on Etarek, as you can see in this map (which I may revise to make it fit with this style).

I'm working on a series of political maps in a very similar atlas style. The first one is nearly finished and will be up here in a few days.

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