Hello all,

I stumbled upon this place entirely by accident, and it seemed worth having a look at, so I joined up.

My name's Andy, and I map. I thought I best get the Cartographer's Anonymous-thing out of the way first.

I've had a bunch of maps published here and there, but am best known for my work on WFRP and 40KRP. Examples of my stuff can be found at the following links (for as long as the respective companies keep them there):

Kislev - a country in Games Workshop's Old World
Erengrad - a city in Kislev
Skaven map - runes on a rat skin
The Calixis Sector - from Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 universe (strictly, this is a wallpaper of the map, but it was the only decent copy I could find online)
Freeport - City of Pirates

That should give you an idea. They were all done in Photoshop, and show a few different styles. I'm contemplating trying some new programs, but I'm not sure what yet.

Anyway, I'll go have a look around. Hopefully chat to some of you later.