I need a map for one of my RPGs... I've already made the basics of it, but I'm horrible at drawing, so it's just a map made in paint...

Well, it is all retangular right now, but that's because I have no skills at paint either.

This is the paint-made map: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-6...%252520Map.png

I need a better map. Feel free about how to make the coast and outlines, I really don't want a retangular island as this... =D

Don't mind about the distances either. They may be at this proportions (the distance between Treefor and Barreira being 1,5x the distance between Mor and Treefor, for example), but not exactly this distances... in fact, a bigger distance could do well, as 300 or even 500km between Treefor and Barreira...
They don't need to be in this exact proportion, when I ask for proportions... well, is just that Mor may be in a smaller distance from Treefor than Barreira, or that it shall not be 1/3 of the distance Barreira-Treefor... but of course the distance can be REALLY different, and the proportions could be changed too.

I've seen some other works and maps from here, and that's why I'm asking for a map here... Thanks guys!