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Thread: Photoshop and Brush/Pattern Management

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    Question Photoshop and Brush/Pattern Management

    Hey guys, been lurking and learning for a while now. Have to say you guys are great map makers.

    Now that your buttered up....

    I am using Photoshop CS4 on Windows 7, I have it running on my Laptop and my Desktop. I would like to be able to have both versions point to the same location for my Brushes and Textures. I have a portable HDD that I have all the information on but Photoshop saves the info for a new brush localy.

    So for example I start a map on my Laptop and add a new pattern in Photoshop, I want that new pattern already in Photoshop when I work on my desktop. Make sense?



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    I don't know if PS supports it, but for GIMP(which allows custom locations for resources), I point it to a directory I have set up to my Dropbox. If PS allows custom resource locations, I would highly recommend using Dropbox(or sugarsync or whatever)... If you decide to try dropbox(2GB free) and use my referral link, I would get a bit of bonus space. Of course, I don't know if PS supports custom brush locations.
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    Thats easy enough...

    cool and thanks.


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