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Thread: RPG Map - Xorvintall, the Great Game of Dragons

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    Post RPG Map - Xorvintall, the Great Game of Dragons

    And so I finally break down and ask for help.

    I personally have no skill in cartography, yet despite this I find myself building worlds for gaming purposes that I require (okay, maybe more 'really like') maps for. The most recent attempt is a map for a dragon-centric Dungeons and Dragons campaign, in which the players are Exarchs to a Xorvintaal dragon. Xorvintaal, in short, is like a cross between chess, poker, Risk and War. It's more convoluted than it sounds, which is saying something.

    The game itself is set to take place in a pocket dimension/demi-plane designed by dragons specifically to play their Great Game. I would greatly appreciate any aid I get in this project. Heck, I might even come back for a (professional?) remake of the world map for my real campaign world. Sadly, I'm broke, so this is much more a request than a commission.

    Time Constraints

    Sooner, rather that later, as with everything, would be favourable, but the map wouldn't be required for at least a month. Likely more, considering the speed my games tend to go at. (Edit: I need to pull the gaming group back together, so you have a while yet, considering how flakey gamers can be at times.)


    I have no preference on style, though 'dragon-y' and 'draconic' elements would be preferred, perhaps with a gothic flavouring? Magic flair can also be included if the artist wishes.

    Description of Map

    The map would be of one pangaea-like continent, with a large variety of biomes and possibly an in-land sea. There is mortal habitation, but beyond their changes, the land was designed for dragons. The continent/plane/world would be called Xorvinatl.

    Edit: There is one of each type of climate, including arctic. I envision at least two mortal kingdoms, one roughly in the centre, and one toward the southeast. THe continent itself would be large, with possibly a few islands (and island chains) scattered about, though perhaps focused on the western side of the continent. Perhaps a seafaring culture there. The north (south of the arctic part) Is a large mountain, possibly volcanic. Scattered about would be gates/portals to quarantined parts of other planes, such as the Elemental Planes and such. Actual landmarks, locations and the like are at the artist's discretion.

    Quality & Size

    Large enough to be legible for any labels the artist wishes to include. It's for web use, so over all, size is a non-issue with upper-limits. I am willing to accept semi-professional work, again, so long as it's legible and usable.


    Copyright stays with the artist. This is not a published work, so I merely wish for permission to use the map for private gaming purposes.

    draegonkin [at] yahoo [dot] com
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    As a fellow map requester and GM, I like the basic concept of your world. I might even borrow it for my multi-world campaign sometime, if you don't mind. (I can always use ideas for other worlds when there are infinite numbers of them!)

    Best of luck with your request.

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    I wouldn't mind, though I would assume the use of the map, if you so wish for it, would be up to the discretion of the artist. Either way, I'm glad that you like the idea!

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    Hi there,

    I would give it a try, if you will accept absolutely non-professional work (this does not means "ugly", just not.. "WOW" as a lot of maps posted on this forum. There are really incredible artists here.) and loosen your deadline a bit.
    I also have another suggestion... since your description is fairly vague, you could maybe post a rough sketch of what you want (main land features, some other names...) and I will post my translation of it into a map :-)

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    Sorry, I get on so sporadically. xD

    The deadline is more of a suggestion (and it's gone out the window a while ago now, I need to gather the players up again.) As for the description, I like letting people have free reign with features and such, though I could describe it a wee bit more than I did. I generally do better when being asked questions than when providing flat data. I'll edit it in now~

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