I'm new to this site and some of the map images showed up on Google. I have a few of my own and I'm planning on sharing them here since this is the place.

I'm an artist, but I haven't made anything through it. I do all my maps on paper and then scan them in at Kinkos since they are the only place I know of who has a scanner big enough. I'm also a practicing sorcerer, the card games and RPGs aren't enough for me. I found out through past life regression that my soul's journey started somewhere off this planet and now I'm working on mapping the region where I had most of my past lives. I dabble in Tarot, not for personal readings, but for the gift of prophecy and have a strong belief in the End Times. I have a long relationship with my gift of channeling and have extensive documents about my past life home and it's people and culture.

I'm not sure how much I should share about myself, but I'll probably loosen up as I get a feel for this forum and the people here.

My long term goal is to create an RPG, board game or video game of my channeled works to tell the story of my past.