This took me two tries to make it right. I have the floor plans to every building in Shanibala. This is to be my first in a series of 28 maps. This city is called Shanibala and the population is 2,200. The species living there is called Rokat. The town's main purpose is to serve as the living and work place for the Rokat Imperial Government. This town is a shadow government of an intergalactic empire of one billion civilized planets.

The history of Shanibala is exceedingly violent, filled with massacres, raids, invasions, demonic possession that almost destroyed the community. The Prophecy, which is the work of one of Shanibala's citizens tells how to conquer the world or destroy it trying. The people who live there are bent of war to put it short.

Shanibala is home to several cults whose religious texts have been channeled by myself and several others with the gift. The map itself is a product of a year's worth of remote viewing, channeling and information passed to me by my contacts who claim to be alien abductees by the Rokat.

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