So as I mentioned in another thread in the help boards, I was intending to work on a map for a fantasy world I'm building. After reading the tips given, and looking over some other maps and styles that I really liked, I decided to not do the flat style, but rather a one that was more artistic/painterly.

Looking at the tutorials by Butch Curry on Youtube, as well as the Overworld Map Project by rpgmapmaker, I've decided to implement a few of their tips, in order to design my world map. To my eye it looks great, but I would like some tips that might improve it. I've attempted to follow the lay of the land when it comes to the paths of rivers, and such. I suppose the only thing I might need now are cities (and perhaps suggestion on placements?) The area itself is part of a larger world (though I've no intentions to expand it at this time, as it is the area shown is named Atlindowa), and there are about 7 cities, and 9 towns/villages in the area.

If anyone could indicate some good placements for these, I would appreciate it.

(Note: the ocean to the south being very large is known, I used a previous background from a map I did prior, and I wanted to re-use it. It will be trimmed down in the final product).