So is this where pepole come and say "hi"?

Well... HI!

My name is David Flor, and I am the president and lead designer of Darklight Interactive. We have made a few D&D 4e campaigns and map packs (all available on Drive Thru RPG... I'm not providing the link 'cause that would be inproper!), and am currently working on a new campaign for 4e and possibly Pathfinder.

As far as what I can do, one thing I seem to be good at is creating tactical maps. I have done quite a few and have written tutorials on my blog:

But I am terrible... and I mean terrible... at outdoor maps. I don't know why, I just am. I posted here looking for assistance on one outdoor map I need (it's awaiting moderation as I type this).

So if anyone needs tactical maps, I'm usually happy to assist.

Beyond that... what was that? Oh, yeah... HI!

Tnx & Rgds...
David "Nighthawk" Flor
President, Darklight Interactive
"Omne ignotum pro magnifico"