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    Default Etrenor

    A land until recently full of piece under the influential and powerful Council of Kings, taken surprise by a plague that which the world has never seen the likes of. The very few survivors say "Corruption that brings forth black clouds and kills entire cities." Some even report that victims’ skin crawled with an unnatural frenzy before their boils erupted and beetles escaped from them.The majority flee the infected areas with haste... But alas, not nearly hasty enough, for the Plague has already destroyed half of Etrez.

    The Council of Kings in a emergency meeting on top of their sacred and holy Mount Amelaa in the pristine tower as the people of Yuntari call it. They decide to form what is now known as the "Etrez quarantine," They quickly build 11 towers, 3 on one side 8 on the other. They are enchanted to make a physical barrier surrounding the affected areas.

    A month after all of this is finished the Council decides to spread propaganda to hush most of Etrenor to stop the mass Hysteria that would of happened. Yet word still reached many ears, and it spread. Scared, people began to pray to old gods... Unbeknownst to them they inadvertently stirred many gods from their slumber. A new era, a new interesting one at the least.
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    Finally, after a while and much deliberation I have finished it! Some things are left unnamed for a reason, such as a bunch of the shrines, I want people to guess whats there, and I want my players to go exploring there!

    Heres it without all the labelling and borders.

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