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    I am a pretty avid poster on the civfanatics forums, specifically in a section devoted to a special type of forum game called 'Never-Ending-Stories' (no relation to the book). These games pit players against players against NPC's as they play... whatever the moderator feels like having them play as, though in most cases it is as various polities that duke it out through the ages. There are a surprising amount of rules that go into these games so as to keep it from just being a bunch of nerds faffing about (though in the end that is pretty much the gist of what occurs). I am about to start hosting my fifth (4.5, really, but that's a minor detail) game where the players have a 'fresh-start', i.e. they lead whatever race they create from the stone-age to a modern era, and for that I needed a new map.

    I am using StarRaven's excellent brushes and pretty much everything else has been of my own mucking about in photoshop. I went with StarRaven's brushes/a handdrawn elements as opposed to realistic renderings because I wanted to evoke a Tolkien-esque kind of fantasy world. Kore is, after all, a magical place. What I am stumbling on, however, is what to do with the rest of the map past rivers, forests, mountains, and hills.
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