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    Question Scale and--

    Háŋ mitákuyepi!

    I was wondering how to go about learning scale for maps, and other important information I should have when making the maps. I can "make" them, but I would like to know about scale etc etc. I have tried google, but I do not know what else to search up besides "map scales" -- in which I found Wikipedia and could not really understand it. I am also learning about latitude Biomes (this PDF here), but I was wondering if anyone had an tutorials or easy-to understand books to suggest me to learn about it, places for me to start? I'm trying to learn for a lot of reasons -- and I am a VERY committed learner/student -- because I am making a game (would like to create a world map) and a novel (same reason; nearly 6 years in work) and would like my heart and soul to have been present in their creation.

    Lastly, I would like to ask how one goes about creating a map in Photoshop CS5 from another medium, like paper or a picture. Are there any tutorials on that? I would like to help a friend turn his pixel map into a PS CS5 map and do a few game-map projects as well, to help improve my map skill.


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