Within the world of Ember lies a nation called the Federation of Orandell.

Orandell is blessed with nine great cities, each famed for some unique feature of its architecture. Arbordan is known as the City of Spires, graced with countless towers of great height and beauty. Bandurin's massive gates lead into its vaulted halls sculpted from the bones of the mountain. Ithanor's streets are lofty paths high above the earth of an ancient forest.

The cities of Orandell draw limitless power from the fallen star that lies at the center of the Great Sea of Souls. This massive crystalline edifice emanates through prisms that direct its energies to a vast network of satellite crystals. But the folk of Ember have come so far from the hardships of their simple origins that they have forgotten the very Gods who created them.

The Gods slumber, bereft of almost all worshippers, and as they sleep a darkness seeps into the land. When the dark is strong, it will wash over the light in a fearful wave. Only the strongest will be able to stand against it. Only those who remember the old ways will know how.

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