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    Default Hey, new here

    Hey, I am a geologits, so used to making maps from real data, but not so great at the artistic creation of maps. Here to learn!!!

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    Welcome. There are a few others with familiarity with cartography and geography IRL; it's good to see another.

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    I wouldnt say I have familiarity with cartography. I have used very few of the programs listed here, save CorelDraw and that never for mapping. For mapping I most frequently use the MapInfo/Discover combination and I have used Arc on occasion.

    Gonna have a steep learning curve here!

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    Welcome to the Guild!
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    Welcome, Russ. Hey, it can't hurt that you understand the subject from the ground up :-). Your professional acquaintance with landforms and geological processes should serve you well... too many mappers have trouble with the basics like water flowing downhill and mountains being found in chains...

    Are you looking to gain proficiency with fantasy mapping, or depiction of reality? Quite a bit different on the front end, since starting from a blank screen one has to generate some kind of terrain, whereas for plain ol' reality one has everything from the Mk. 1 eyeball to DEMs at hand.

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    Welcome Aboard!
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