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    Map Fantasy World Map for small Planet

    I've been working on a world map since 2004 and have remade this map quite a few times, all by hand on A4 to the largest thing is a Table Cloth. I myself is not that good an artist and now on recent days I've decided I want my map made by someone better and hopefully also more stylised and with a more professional look. I don't have a lot of money to spend but I am flexible with the price and I'm sure we can agree to something if you require payment. I would prefer free but this means a lot to me so I'm also prepared to pay whatever I think I can afford.

    I will somewhat copy my layout for this post from another post mentioned in the post describing how to phrase these posts. I hope nobody minds.

    Project Scope
    The map is for a very small role-playing game for private use (so far). I have, as mentioned, made the original myself. I have both a coloured version as well as an outlined black/white version. I also have a picture of the Table Cloth I made the map onto. I will share them on request. They are photographed by an digital camera approximately 2 megapixel, but clear enough to see. If you want background information on the world I have a homepage/blog dealing with this as well as PDF-documents and is willing to answer any questions about the world necessary.

    The map will be used by me mostly, and used in my role-playing as a reference and display. If I decide to publish it I will contact you again to renegotiate a deal which benefits you as well, but its doubtful I will do this other than for free if at all.

    Design Concept
    The world is half the size of our earth (approximately). And has in essence three large continents and three small continents/large islands. It is, divided into twelve distinct countries/realms with smaller countries/provinces within each. The planet is sphere-shaped but the map could be in any shape that is to your and my liking.

    The map should cover the whole world, but without too much details. I have started on a map series on the countries separately. This will provide most detailed data. But the map should make the general terrain visible, and some of the larger cities and points of interest.

    There are a big archipelago in the middle of the world, visible on a planetary scale. Around a million small islands. Of course most of them wouldn't be visible on a map such as this, but at least the general area should be visible as an archipelago.

    The style could be something like this or like this. But I'm flexible. I want cities to be more that specks on the map and such, and also the terrain to look more living that just shades of colouration. But I take what I can get and afford.


    This depends greatly. I would say around 300dpi to 600dpi. But I'm very, very flexible. It should be able to look fine on A4 to A3/2. I'm not very well acquainted in how the result differs so I'm flexible in this region. As for the format, I prefer to have it as JPG or psd or similar file with layers if possible.
    Full colour would be preferred.

    Here I don't really mind much. I would like to be able to use the map as if it were mine. But made by you. If I were to sell it or earn money I would gladly renegotiate about this. Though it's a given that you would receive extra payment for every penny I earn. I doubt this will ever happen though. You can use the map if you want, but I would at least prefer it to be referred to the planets name Yurin or Nianze, and associated with my role-playing game and the home-page. Other than that, copyright and the rest can stay with you.


    We'll decide this when you take the job. I'm flexible. But I would like to have it finished within the next year (2012) but if I were to get a good deal I can wait for this.

    As previously mentioned I am not wealthy. I might live off game-mastering but I barely earn 1000$ a month, and this is going to rent, food, and utilities as well.
    I would reckon though that I can pay you at least 50$ and depending on your patience and the results you're willing to give me I might be able to pay you more, a lot more (given time).
    And other payments is possible as well.

    I do not have pay pal, yet. But if we can't fix this by master card or bank transfer I can either send you money by mail or get pay pal.

    or afroboy(at)nianze(dot)com

    Subject line should include Nianze.
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