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    OK, I'm giving this a go, as your typical fantasy dragon's lair in a cavern - this one alongside a lake in a cliff-face. As I said I would, this time I'm going for a photorealistic look, but still using Xara Xtreme Pro to create those cool bevels that it does, along with feathering, fractal cloud transparency layers, etc.

    So far this is the cavern layout, along with some ground detritus - boulders, gravel and such.

    I plan to place some structures near the cavern entrance - a sacraficial pillory for princesses to be chained upon. Perhaps I will place some burnt skeletons of failed knights and their charges. Also there will be a treasure pile in that furthest chamber back, the actual dragon's lair within. You'll note some elevation changes within - caverns are hardly ever flat-bottomed.

    When I'm done I plan to place a grid, so this can more easily be used in game.

    There's a few anamolies I see in the rock walls - some cuts that don't belong, I will fix those before I move on...


    ### Latest WIP ###

    Click image for larger version. 

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