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Thread: Mapping obstacle

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    Default Mapping obstacle

    Sometimes you want to draw a map but the tablet is blocked.
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    Hehe. I'll have to post a picture showing what sometimes blocks my tablet ... though it's usually with emotional blackmail and a wagging tail.

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    Since I'm highly allergic to cat dander,etc. that will never be an obstacle in my house.
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    Is the cat perchance named "Artist" ?

    Cats are good for us world-builders. They are a constant reminder that while we may be master over our little digital or paper domains, we are in fact VERY small parts of the real universe; indeed we are but minions and lackeys.

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    Yep, this happens quite often in my house...the cat in fact will jump up and shove it's body right in your face if you don't stop it from doing so. The one time brush up is ok but she stops with that tail curling around my neck which is just ridiculous!

    Interestingly our cat looks just like this one.
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    Try mapping with a kitten dangling from the other end of the mouse cord behind the computer stand. Oh My !!!
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