I need a map of Seattle for an Urban Fantasy novel, with certain places called out. This will be for a book called Emerald City Dreamer, about faeries and faerie hunters, which I will be publishing on Amazon Kindle in January.

Even though Seattle is a modern city, it would be cool if it could have some fantasy-map aspects, in terms of style. It needs to be black lines, fairly simple, with a white transparency background.

I can provide a Google map with the locations marked.


Seattle, 2009, but in a world where faeries exist, and they are not always nice. The novel focuses a lot on urban life, dreams, art, magic, and the morality of hunting monsters. All locations marked on the map roughly correspond to real places. The area can be "zoomed in" to North Seattle, since most locations are there.

Line art, fantasy style of a modern city

Number of maps:
Just the one. But I would like an artist who would be available to make future maps for further novels in this series, and possibly other novels as well. Ideally, this would turn into a longer-term business relationship.

This is where I would rely on your expertise. Most likely I could convert any image to the file format and size I need. It would be best if the image were high enough resolution that I could change its size as needed (or give me an original in a vector format that I can open in a simple free tool like Inkscape). A transparent background is necessary for any bitmap/compressed images, so that if the background color of the page changes, the image doesn't contrast.

The artist would retain all copyrights. I would like full rights to publish the map where ever I like, i.e. in ebook, print formats, in future novels, and in promotional materials.

January 10th, 2012 (semi-flexible)

Market Rates. I'm not sure what this is, so let me know. Via PayPal upon completion
Credits inside the book

I have another illustration need, and it would be a awesome if you could do both (for additional pay of course). I need four small line-art illustrations to go at each chapter heading, to represent each character, for example a bookshelf, a guitar, etc. If the same artist does the map as does the illustrations, it would give the art the same style throughout the book. I realize cartography is NOT the same as illustration. I'm just hoping. :)

luna at lunalindsey dot com