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Thread: December 2011 Entry: The Ashen Swamp/Pyraxis' Lair

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    Post Redacted December 2011 non-entry: The Ashen Swamp

    *EDIT*: This was to be my first contest submission, but I failed to read the fact that it has to be new material. In any event, I'll leave it here but am withdrawing it from consideration in this contest.


    The map below is part of a published module I created called "The Dragon's Master", which is available on Drive Thru RPG (don't know if linking to it would be proper, so I won't).

    The module's premise, jut for the record:

    Skeebo led a hard life. Small even by kobold standards, he was constantly mocked by the others in his clan and tormented by their leader: a black dragon named Pyraxis. Not strong enough to be useful as a soldier and not smart enough to be a mage, he was forced to do all the menial tasks that the rest of the Ashen Kobolds didn't feel like doing. And if he resisted or refused to do what he was told, he risked getting eaten by Pyraxis.

    One day, while wandering about the Ashen Swamp, Skeebo made an astonishing discovery: an artifact of unprecedented power that was seemingly discarded in the muck. After donning the artifact, everything changed; he no longer was he the puny kobold that everyone picked on... It was the chance he was looking for to show the others what he was capable of, and show the other kobolds, the humans in the nearby village of Haven, and especially that big, dumb dragon who the "supreme kobold" really was.

    Map was created in Adobe Fireworks CS5 using clip art and map elements from the ProFantasy Campaign Cartographer 3 suite.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DL_Players.jpg 
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    As part of a planned map pack that I never got around to publishing, I took the basic structure of the map above and themed it for multiple environments: water, swamp, lava and ice.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Lair_Sample.jpg 
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