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Thread: ***November/December 2011 Lite Challenge VOTING - Draw a Map by Hand***

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    Default ***November/December 2011 Lite Challenge VOTING - Draw a Map by Hand***

    'Drawing a map by hand' was a suggestion made by Reckless Enthusiasm in the contest suggestion forum. It was a great suggestion and given quality, numbers and enthusiasm in this contest, I think there is little doubt that we will be doing this as a main contest soon and will perhaps also repeat the contest for both main and lite from time to time.

    Although so many of us complain that we can't draw and rely instead on the software to do the heavy lifting for us, I think many of us would find a 'badly' hand drawn map more interesting to look at then a bunch of symbols pasted on a page and called a map. Hand drawn maps have character and an individual feel because they are hand drawn. Filters and symbols are just filters and symbols and they need to be treated deftly to give them character.

    Hand drawing a map takes courage (there is no Ctrl-Z) and many of the best mappers on the guild create their maps by a combination of hand drawn and digitised work. In this contest, there was no digitisation allowed apart from scanning the map. The results were quite phenomenal.

    The usual exhortations:
    Please vote for 2 entries.
    Please give reputation to those who are deserving of it.

    Thanks everyone for taking part. This was a great contest bringing out some fantastic entries from newer members of the guild.

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    I am glad to hear that this will be repeated as I didn't have the time due to a 17 day vacation in the middle of the challenge. I wanted very much to do this one so I'm glad to see there is such great interest. Wonderful work by everyone and I look forward to seeing this again!
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    Ditto Jaxilon on hoping for a repeat of this challenge (lite or otherwise). I really got alot from Lukc's and Dain's blow-by-blow on their entries.

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    There are some great maps among the entries...

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    In typical challenge fashion I didn't feel i had enough votes to spread around.

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    Voting for two maps is very hard with these excellent entries.
    The handdrawn challenge should be repeated e.g. twice a year, for the light and normal challenge.

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    It was a really fun challenge, I agree. I'm going to frame my map and hang it up somewhere ... Also, now that the challenge is over, I can go back to it digitally, fix a few errors and colour it. I didn't want to touch it while the challenge was still running.

    Also, I have to give a special thumbs up to Dain and Themarko for two maps that really made me imagine some fantastic stories.

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    Voting in a bit. BTW, I never get thumbnails in the thumbnails link...just a bunch of blank boxes with the entry name, author, and link to the thread. Anybody else or is this just happening with my browser?

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    Yeah, I noticed that too. Same with the regular challenge thumbnails too...
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    nope, I get the thumbnails just fine.... :/
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