I DM a D&D group, and they recently acquired a longship that had been heavily modified by the previous owners (pirates!). The most obvious non-standard feature is the aftcastle.

Since this will undoubtedly be the scene of at least a few battles in the future, it made sense to map it. Here's what I have so far. On my list of things yet to do:
* Water texture, and the ship's wake
* Shadows to show depth
* Replace placeholder "dots" with actual icons (the yellow non-glowy dots on the main deck are ballistae; the giant red dot is a catapult).
* Replace placeholder "art" with actual icons (the brown line on the deck behind the mast is supposed to be the wheel).
* General prettification

This is my first map, so please give me your feedback on how I can make it better.

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Don't know if it's obvious, but the inset is the aftcastle's interior. Also, the dark brown square smudge on the aftcastle is a trap door acccessed via the ladder seen in the interior. I'm well aware that such features were unheard of, as well as the fact that longships didn't even have aftcastles at all (or even wheels, for that matter...), but are you going to argue with the pirates who made these modifications? [Actually, that's a pretty safe thing to do now -- the party killed them all to get this ship...]