I would formally like to request a map of mine to be drawn up if someone is willing to do it. I'd be very grateful. It's not that hard of a map and would love to work with someone on making it pop!

Project Scope:
Small map for my players in the game that I am running. Purely for reference of major sites in the area they are currently located in. I don't own any cartographer software so I'm asking here since it's a fairly simply map. I'm not great at map making and the map I have prepared (in Paint no less) can be modified as necessary as long as everything is close to where it's represented. I've represented a key for distance on the map, but it's incorrect. The largest value should be 15 Miles not 30 and the 15 mile value should be 7.5.

Average D&D medieval setting; Safe zone after a near apocalyptic world fire; Other portions of the world (right side of map where line is represented and beyond, east) all scorched Earth black through magical flame, but slowly recovering.

Design Concept:
Grasslands, forests, cities, mountains, trade roads, this map has a little bit of all that. The forests have been marked in green brush strokes, the cities have been placed, named, and sized. I'd love if it could look like the old style hand held and inked maps that map makers used to make back in the day, but an actual over view map full of color and showing the world would be great too.

Number of maps:
One basic map.

11 x 17 or somewhere around that size.

Flexible. The game is in progress but a loose map described is acceptable for them at the moment.

Karlen Kendrick
Please use subject line Heroes of Theophania Map