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Thread: [WIP]Triania

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    Wip [WIP]Triania

    THis is the region of triania, the setting for an overly abitious D&D campain.
    Fire away, any and all coments are welcome.

    a special thanks to:
    Ravells, for the compass rose.
    Ramah for the map elements.
    Cereth for the mountain elements.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is my favorite style of map. the color of the paper looks great. I suggest blending the mountains in so it looks like they are a part of the land instead of stamps on the paper. some simple horizontal lines around their base should do the trick. I think tapering your rivers would help your map as well. Make them smaller where they begin and gradually get bigger as they meet the sea. I cant really see the forests to comment on them. Looks like a good start. Do you plan on putting any coastal lines in?
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    based on the suggestions privided here is the next update.

    tapered the rivers.
    edited the coastline.
    remade the mountains. I still am not sure I like them yet though.

    Click image for larger version. 

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