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Thread: Have any of you used the Railworks 3 World Editor to make maps?

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    Default Have any of you used the Railworks 3 World Editor to make maps?

    It's on sale (the Railworks game, which comes with the editor) for under $4 today.

    I'm wondering about the possibilities of using its editor for making maps. Can I output images, overhead views, to other file formats, etc? Or only access what you create in the game? What are the limitations on map size, terrain types, etc. Anyone know?


    EDIT: Here's the first of a few 'gameplay' videos of someone messing around in the editor...
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    I dunno but for 4 bucks, why not give it a shot.

    Steam is killing me right now because I've been picking up all the games I wasn't sure of and was holding off on but for less than 5 bucks.... Well, there goes some map making time
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    You've picked up the Humble Bundle pack right now - 12 games for ~$5.50 or so...all steam registrable, all mac/pc.

    I know I'll never play the train game, but am curious about the map stuff. But I've bought games for that purpose in the past, but found them far too limiting (especially in 'output'...

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    Never have, but I have used Auran's Trainz. I'm into model railroading and thought it would be cool. It is...but I've never really taken the time do do much with it. The output wouldn't really make great maps, though it'd be useful for testing out model railroad layouts. The train game isn't really my cup of tea but I did have fun doing a couple of 'switching problems'.

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