Tools: Photoshop CS5 and my trusty Wacom 9 x 12 Intuos Tablet
Time to Complete: Two Weeks

Background: The kingdom of Angust, like it's northern neighbor Lazarus, was comprised of provinces belonging to the dark empire of Morthul and they declared themselves independent and free from the tyranny of Emperor Baurom III's heavy hand at the same time the provinces that made up Lazarus did. Just like Lazarus, perhaps even worse, the Emperor's wrath was brutal and thousands upon thousands of civilians were butchered for their treason and those that survived the invasion by Morthul were forced to flee east into the neighboring kingdom of Ralenstara. The brutal slaughtering of common folk in both Angust and Lazarus is what would eventually bring the powerful kingdom of Ralenstara into conflict with Morthul and kick off one of the longest bloodiest wars in the history of the Til-Gathiel. There are many battlegrounds strewn across the landscape of Angust as it was a hotly contest stretch of land during the great war. Ultimately the Emperor agreed to a peace treaty with Ralaenstara and gave Lazarus and Angust their freedom, paid for in much bloodshed.

When the cursed gate of Ruhadalaum opened wide to flood the world with all manners of beast, monsters and the other races that now call Elvanrill home, Angust would ultimately become a piece of historic legend as the mountainous terrain attracted many of the great dragons during the War of Scales (circa 200 A.G.) and would play host to the many battles fought between the Dragonborn forces of the Dwarvish led Dragonstalker army. The fierce courageous warriors would ultimately force the dragons to seek easier pray north and secure a peace that managed to survive to present day, even through the Plague of Varsuna (circa 450 A.G.).

As of year 956 A.G., Angust enjoys relative peace but is ever watchful of Morthul to the west. Dwarves, having no more battles to fight, settled down and claimed the Questhold mountains as their own and dug deep into it's core, establishing the city of Stonehurn where rigorous trade is done with all the races of the kingdom and with the other kingdoms abroad. The human city of Ozyren grew into a massive metropolis and proclaimed itself the capital of Angust though there is no centralized ruler. The provinces that once made up the Morthulian landscape remained pretty much the same, each one governing itself and trying to remain on good terms with their neighbors. It is a system that has so far worked. Ralenstara has pumped millions in treasure to help keep the region stable as the entire straight acts as a buffer zone with their most hated enemy, Morthul, and they wish it to remain so.

(c) 2011 Brian D. Navy

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