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Thread: Introduction: The Goblin's Lair

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    Default Introduction: The Goblin's Lair

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Kerry (The Goblin's Lair), and I am new to map making. I am a simple guy, happily married to a great wife, and we have a little 11 month old girl. I have been playing pen & paper games since 1993, and MMOs since 1999. I have always loved and appreciated a good map when I saw one. Now that I am GM'ing my first Pathfinder campaign, I thought it was time to step up my game. I recently picked up a copy of CC3 and DD3. I haven't had a chance to use them much, but I was able to produce my "Sandpoint for Dummies" map, which I will post in the Finished Maps section after I finish this post.

    You will have to excuse me, I do not know who the mods/founders are just yet, but I wanted to thank everyone at the Cartographer's Guild for hosting a pinnacle mapping site. I've learned so much in the last few months that I've been on "lurker status" here. I hope to continue learning from you all, and possibly repay you by providing you with a map that you may find useful someday in one of your very own campaigns.

    Thanks, and Happy New Year!

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    Hi Kerry, and welcome to the guild - glad you unlurked - looking forward to seeing your maps
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    Hello Kerry and welcome to a happy new year!

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    Hi Kerry,
    I also use CC3 and all of the PF product line. Check out UTube for some tuts. Also have a look at the TUTS section here. There are some really good ones for CC2/3 and helped me alot.

    Oh, and welcome!
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    Hello and welcome to the guild! I'm using CC3 myself too, mainly with the CD3 addon. Lot of good tutorials here.
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    Thanks for the welcome everyone. It's nice to be part of a mature online community. After years of playing MMOs I was not sure they still existed hehe. MadCartographer I will definitely take a look at the tuts.


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