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    Map "Sandpoint for Dummies"

    Hello, I am a new member, and this is my first map made with CC3/GIMP. I apologize for not having a WIP thread, I just finished the map last night before I had signed up for the guild. I felt it was best to show up here as a new member with a bottle of wine rather than empty handed.

    Map Background: "Sandpoint for Dummies" is a very simplified map of the town of Sandpoint from the Pathfinder Rise of the Runelord campaign. It is the starting point for the Burnt Offerings module. I created the map because I am GM'ing my first Pathfinder campaign, and the entire party (friends & family) are completely new to Pathfinder and RPGs in general. The first time I opened up the original Sandpoint map from the Burnt Offering's .pdf file, their jaws hit the floor. The original Sandpoint map has approx. 50 locations on it. Each detailed in the pages that follow the map in the .pdf file. It was simply too many locations for them to wrap their minds around. Additionally for me as the GM, scrolling back and forth between the Sandpoint map and the location names/descriptions in the .pdf file was a pain. When they wanted to know what #37 was on the map, it took a few minutes for us to figure it out etc. For gaming purposes I prefer maps that are labeled directly, rather than the numbering system.

    Some details on the maps are obviously not 100% geographically accurate when compared to the original Sandpoint map, but the key locations that the party will be using having been included. I also intentionally left some room for expansion etc. as I plan to update the map with locations as they work their way through the campaign.

    I enjoyed working on the map, and I welcome any constructive feedback that you may have for me. I know that there are definitely areas that I know I could do a better job with next time around. In particular, I would like to take the almost pristine map that CC3 generates and dirty it up a bit. Make it look more authentic.

    Map Specifics: The map was made in CC3, out of the standard mapping symbols and effects that come with the program. The map then had minor color adjustments and the text applied in GIMP. The original map is just shy of 2000x3000 pixels. All-in-all it took my just over 3 hours to make it. I was pleased with CC3, albeit it is CAD based and takes some getting used to.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Link to original .PNG file (DivShare):
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