Hiya all. I've been lurking for a few days, soaking up information and techniques, and decided to put what I've learned to work making a stylized map for use in a tabletop campaign that I'm currently planning (I could use extra players, so if anyone in the Tulsa area wants in on it, go ahead and respond). This map owes its existence entirely to the tutorials created by RobA and darklingrisen, so thank you very much to both of you!

The map is currently unfinished, requiring city placement and text, but it has the basic terrain in place. The shape is based on a de-iced Antarctica, obviously moved to a more temperate climate. I tried to keep the terrain placement realistic where I could, but design needs trump realism in some cases, such as where the desert formed by the rain shadow of the western mountains should probably extend to the main continent. The forest in the northeast is going to act as something of a "new world", most travel is going to by boat and you can assume that all rivers on the map are navigable for the majority of their length. I have the locations of the remaining features planned already and only need to draw and place the icons for the cities, which are going to be stylized depictions of their major unique features.

As far as equipment goes, this was made entirely with a mouse in GIMP, which is all I have access to. I welcome any and all feedback and look forward to joining the community.
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