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Thread: Need a cartographer for paying project

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    Default Need a cartographer for paying project

    I have a scope of the work I'm looking for that was done in Word. It is as follows:

    Project Scope:
    I'm looking for a reliable and honest Cartographer with professional, quality examples of their best work for a custom map that is for personal use; it is very important to me, and is needed for print and digital format; also will provide examples of maps and styles I like.

    Fantasy isles with one main and couple smaller islands

    Map Appearance:
    aerial view of the isles with the names of cities, lands, and geographic markers; also custom art work as in the form of a plaque with information and compass and border

    Number of Maps: 2
    One main map with an aerial view of the isles and water with names and key locations
    One map with a larger view of the isles' land regions divided by color and full names of cities, towns, roads, mountains, valleys, fields, rivers, lakes, marshes, forests, and sea coast lines

    Size and Delivery Method:
    I would prefer it to be done in vector or large landscape poster size and saved as .jpg or .tiff

    I would like full copyrights.

    A non disclosure/non compete.
    I need a non disclosure agreement, nothing complex just straight forward

    Within 4 months but willing to work

    $300 total and half up front via Paypal and the remainder on completion of final files

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    What kind of style would you like? (I don't have time sadly or i'd take this in a heartbeat. Just asking.)

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    That pay seems a bit low for what you are asking though clarification on what you mean by "poster sized" and "non-disclosure agreement" might help.

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    Thanks for the input. The pay can be negotiable as long as it is a unique, one of a kind map. For general maps that is fine to use standard brushes or using drop ins, but for this project I need it to be special. By poster sized, I just wanted to be able to print as 24x36 and not lose clarity or quality. Vector in AI would probably be best suited to accomplish this, or even Photoshop, but again maps aren't my area of expertise. The non-disclosure is just a standard form stating that what I provide, names and such, are proprietary, and cannot be used. This is a standard in my industry, and something I provide for my clients.

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    The style names I'm not sure of, but I have seen photos and would be happy to post a link or image and the different aspects I like. Maybe you could explain what each style is called or categorized as. I'm just unsure as I'm new to this.

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    I am interested in your project. You may take a look at my site here


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    hi redgrave - it would be cool if you'd link to examples of the style you need
    concerning the ND it seems like overkill as you'd be protected by normal copyright, but as long as its kept simple and tight (ie don't hamper the cartographers other work) there should be no problem. Neither does the copyright transferral but I'm guessing all of us would want to be able to show the map in our portfolios.

    ... I might be interested, feel free to swing by my webpage to see examples of some of my works - - it is under development as I've just changed to wordpress yesterday and still trying to get it to do what I want ... you can also mail me on ... if you like you can also check out for my graphic artist work
    regs tilt
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    Hey there, I might be interested too. You can have a look at my stuff here: ... I have a portfolio page coming up, but I have to keep kicking my programmer to finish it. The naughty bugger's been slow to get it done!

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    Sounds interesting, but, as already said by others, it would be good to have reference maps for the style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukc View Post
    Hey there, I might be interested too. You can have a look at my stuff here: ... I have a portfolio page coming up, but I have to keep kicking my programmer to finish it. The naughty bugger's been slow to get it done!
    My programmer is just as bad! You can't get the staff these days

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