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    Post Hello

    New member here =). I have been messing around with Campaign Cartographer 3 lately with making maps for the fantasy setting I'm working on. I ran into this forum quite a while back, but never really registered until now (lurked before). So hello =)

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    Post Welcome!

    Welcome Noven! Now that you've stopped lurking, you've got to start posting maps. CC3 maps for your setting - then let's see them.

    Lots of CC3 users here, plenty of advice and praise available here. Let's see what you're tinkering with - OK?

    Welcome aboard!
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    Welcome. Lets see some of them CC3 Maps!
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    Greetings and Welcome to the Guild Noven. If you've lurked then you know already that we want to see those maps You know we crave them like junkies riding the white pony... so cough'em up

    Happy Mapping!!
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    Welcome Noven - Good to have you. And, like the others, can't wait to see some of your maps.

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    Glad you finally "took the plunge"! Post maps soon, and make sure to contribute you unique thoughts and "eye" to others' efforts (mine included!)

    My gallery is here
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