Hi all,

Amanda here. I'm relatively new to the Cartographer's Guild and overall hobby in general. I've aspirations of map making myself as well as putting out some requests to have some maps made for me also. I'm 90% certain it'll be a paid request, I simply haven't put one up because I'm clueless as to the honest 'value' of a map and how payment for it, it's copyright/ownership ect would work? I guess I'm not looking for an explanation that is as long as a novel, more simply as to what's fair in the 'industry' so to speak. I respect artists for their creation and just want to know they're getting the money they deserve and I'm getting my money's worth and not being taken advantage of, in lieu of my inexperience.

So, the cost of map making, is it a matter of Man Hours + Size of map? Size of map & Copyrights ect?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Just trying to understand