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    Post A Dutch Hello

    Hi everybody,

    I am a Dutch game master tired of working with maps that don't fit my idea's. So I am trying to make my own maps. I got hold of an old copy of cc2, but without any instructions...

    So I googled (is that a word?) and I found this place!

    I guess I should post my question for a "how to make a simple, ancient-looking, map of a island with a volcano and a little city" somewhere else.

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    Post Welcome to the Guild!

    Welcome to the Guild, Hans!

    Not knowing how much or little you know CC2, it would be difficult to instruct you on its techniques. What is probably best is for you to post whatever you've started working on - no matter how unfinished it is. There are many expert Campaign Cartographer users here. They can help only what they can perceive what your need is.

    So post something right away - so you can get some help.

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    Hello & welcome, Hans. Yes, without the instructions or any tutorials it will likely take a LOT of trial & error to achieve anything decent in CC, but like Gameprinter said, give it a shot anyway. You may also want to poke around here & make sure that learning GIMP (a free, general image software vs. a specific map app) may be a better investment; look at GIMP maps & CC maps & decide which you'd rather use.

    Welcome, and I hope you find lots of help & inspiration at the Guild!
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    There is a Download version of ALL CC2 manuals available on the Profantasy Site.

    This covers pretty much the whole kit-n-kaboodle.
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    And have a Scottish hello from me.

    Welcome to the guild. Good luck with the maps.

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    Post Hoi! Welcome

    Welcome Hans,

    I'm over here in Canada but I have lots of Dutch family.


    Its not really the place to ask for maps but....

    Here's a volcano with a little city:

    If you post to the thread, or pm me, I'll even try to consider requests for it. It isn't ancient looking but I'm open to help or to adding a few pirate style maps. Need more info though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hans_worst View Post
    I guess I should post my question for a "how to make a simple, ancient-looking, map of a island with a volcano and a little city" somewhere else.

    I guess the easiest way it to find good clip-art and use it ) I think that is how many of us started mapping.

    Another way is to find a real world map of a volcanic island around the same size and go from that.

    (I'm sure someone else will give you better advice than that, tho')

    -Rob A>

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    Wooh! Hey everybody! Thanks for all the reply's. I have to say CC2 is harder than I thought. Even with the tutorial. (thanks for the complete one NeonKnight). So i'll take a look at gimp.

    Some of the maps you guys make here: absolutely stunning. respect!

    And @ Sigurd: I love your map. The Island has the right size and the smoke gives it a nice touch. That's something I can use in role playing. (I still am more a GM than a mapmaker).
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