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Thread: Saxe-Blunder Augsburg

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    Map Saxe-Blunder Augsburg

    I posted this a while back, and since my last update haven't done a lot. I was going to put in roads but in the end they didn't look as good as I liked. So for all intents and purposes, this map is done, and I'm pretty happy with it. It definitely was a good test case and I learned a lot about Wilbur from it. It's not as polished as I'd like, but it's quite legible.
    This is my primary (Atlas) style, which to anyone who's seen a National Geographic map should look pretty familiar. I've always really liked the Nat Geo look and when it came to creating the map, I had an older Nat Geo atlas to hand and ran with the theme.

    It's a map of a country in a modern day RP for Tyrrhenia, a roleplaying region on NationStates. It's a huge and very populous country (if I had a choice I would have made its population much smaller) with lousy infrastructure. Despite being a modern country, it is remarkable among its neighbors for having more than one airport as well as having the subcontinent's only international airport, which might give you a sense of just how backwards this place is.

    I really appreciate the feedback I've gotten on this, as well as jezelf and waldronate's guides to wilbur and photoshop.

    Here's the link, it's too big to upload:
    Karte von Saxe-Blunder Augsburg

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    Good and clear map, nothing to add there! A distance scale might be useful to get a sense of the country's size (well, it's about 40% the size of India, judging by the land area), so it's very, very densely populated.

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