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Thread: Into the Mines - a dungeon map in 3/4 perspective

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    Map Into the Mines - a dungeon map in 3/4 perspective

    I have been killing two birds with one stone: developing a dungeon map for my new campaign, and working out a reproducible system for creating dungeon maps in iso. This is related to an earlier submission--the Lost Mines of Odo Stoneheart. Look for a tutorial (sooner or later). Each room has a picture of the monster(s) in it. Yes, the dungeon is over-packed and the viability of these life forms will be challenging to rationalize, but I've always been from the (original) Keep on the Borderlands school, the module I started with in 1979: load up a dungeon with a bunch of interesting and challenging monsters and let the players work their way through them.

    Click image for larger version. 

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