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    Hi all!

    Came across this site several times over the years, finally decided to register. I've been working on my first earnest attempt at writing an RPG adventure (Pathfinder), which means I need to make some maps, of course. I'm new to mapmaking (and graphic editing software in general), so hoping that I can learn from the various tutorials and maybe post a WIP if I'm feeling brave enough.

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    Welcome to the guild. Looking forward to see what you have in the works.


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    Welcome, osuracnaes ! You say you're new to graphics software - do you already have something to use, or are you still at the tool selection stage?

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    I've been playing with GIMP the past couple weeks... seems pretty easy to use, but I'm sure I've barely scratched the surface.

    Tried messing with Inkscape a little, but figured it might be better focus on one program at first, hehe...

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